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Nausea And First Trimester

There is good news and bad news concerning morning sickness. If you are suffering with it right now, the good news is doctors believe it’s a sign that the placenta is growing normally. The bad news, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is that although 70% of pregnant women get it early in the first trimester, the cause is not totally known. Whatever is causing it, here are some tips for how to alleviate first-trimester nausea symptoms.

Symptoms And Timing Of Morning Sickness

Those first-trimester nausea symptoms usually begin around 6 weeks and continue until week 12. During the second trimester, they seem to improve. Unfortunately, it is also true women can experience symptoms throughout their entire pregnancy.

Some women can have severe symptoms and should speak to Dr. Tricia Shimer in Dallas, TX for guidance if this happens.

Severe symptoms can include the following:morning sickness

  • Vomiting more than three times per day
  • Dehydration
  • Little to no urine production and dark-colored urine
  • Dizziness
  • Losing 5 pounds or more

Suspected Causes

It is believed that low blood sugar and pregnancy hormones are responsible for morning sickness. One hormone in particular known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) contributes to it, plus estrogen.

You can also develop symptoms from stress, being overtired, eating certain foods, and motion sickness.

Tips To Alleviate First Trimester Nausea

No matter what you call it, there are some ways to reduce the symptoms. We will walk through some of them.

  • Take your prenatal vitamins at night with a light snack especially if they contain iron.
  • Keep some crackers by your bedside and eat one or two before you get out of bed.
  • Eat smaller and more frequent meals during the day.
  • Avoid fatty and spicy foods. Instead eat more bland foods like a plain baked potato, broth, eggs, dry toast, rice, bananas.
  • Snacks should include yogurt, peanut butter, celery, cheese, and nuts.
  • Hydrate throughout the day.
  • Get lots of rest.
  • Keep rooms well ventilated. Go outside for fresh air when possible. Use a fan indoors.
  • Avoid odors.
  • Get to know what triggers your nausea, and avoid it!
  • Drink fluids 30 minutes before and after a meal, not with it.
  • Try ginger ale, jello, peppermint tea, pretzels, and flavored popsicles.
  • Lemons can be quite helpful, smell, eat, or suck on them.

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