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OBGYN Services

Women’s Health in Dallas, TX

Dr. Tricia Shimer is dedicated to providing comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic care with a strong focus on preventative medicine to achieve complete wellness for our patients. At our gynecology clinic in Dallas, TX, we offer a full range of care to best treat our patients, including routine yearly gynecological exams, pregnancy and prenatal care, diagnosis and treatment of female reproductive system and associated conditions, and menopausal management.

Dr. Shimer leads our team in providing the best and most compassionate care to our patients. Our women’s health center in North Dallas is committed to providing the highest quality total women’s health care, leveraging our expertise to guide women of all ages in receiving the best possible care.

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Gynecological Care

From routine annual exams to management of complex gynecological conditions, Dr. Shimer offers individualized care with a personal touch to generations of Dallas women.

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Obstetrical Care

The obstetrical services offered at Dr. Shimer’s office include a full range of prenatal care, prenatal testing, care for high-risk pregnancies and more.


Cosmetic Services

Go above and beyond wellness and achieve greatness. Learn about our cosmetic services and procedures.

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In-Office Procedures

Safe and convenient in-office procedures for a number of gynecologic conditions.