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NovaSure Endometrial Ablation in Dallas, TX

Dr. Shimer's approach to heavy menstrual period treatment encompasses medical management, minimally invasive procedures, and surgical interventions when necessary. Dr. Shimer is an expert in the latest advancements in gynecological care allows her to offer cutting-edge treatments while prioritizing your well-being and safety.

Our OBGYN clinic in Dallas has a state-of-the-art facility with a compassionate and experienced team dedicated to delivering the highest standard of care. Whether you're experiencing heavy bleeding due to hormonal imbalances, fibroids, or other underlying conditions, Dr. Shimer will guide you through the treatment journey, providing education, support, and effective solutions every step of the way. Call our clinic at (469) 364-3760 to schedule an appointment today!

Endometrial Ablation

NovaSure Endometrial Ablation is an in-office procedure to treat heavy periods. Dr. Tricia Shimer specializes in this procedure to help women find relief from heavy or painful periods. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our Dallas, TX office to discuss endometrial ablation.

NovaSure® Overview

Has your heavy period been keeping you away?

If you're like 1 in 5 women with heavy periods, you want to get back to life. NovaSure® is a one- time, five-minute procedure that can lighten or end your heavy period. No pills. No hormonal side effects. For 77.7% of women, menstrual bleeding is dramatically reduced or stopped. It's a simple procedure that can be done in your doctor's office, usually for the cost of a copay. Talk to your doctor about stepping back into life with NovaSure. Life will be there to welcome you back.

NovaSure is an endometrial ablation procedure that works by removing the endometrium, or the lining of the uterus (the part that causes the bleeding), with a quick delivery of radiofrequency energy.

NovaSure works in four simple steps:

Diagram of opening cervix inserting slender wandYour doctor slightly opens your cervix (the opening to the uterus), inserts a slender wand, and extends a triangular mesh device into the uterusdiagram of mesh expandingThe mesh gently expands, fitting to the size and shape of your uterus
Diagram of radio frequency energy deliveredPrecisely measured radio frequency energy is delivered through the mesh for about 90 seconds, gently removing the lining of the uterusDiagram of mesh device pulled backThe mesh device is pulled back into the wand and both are removed from the uterus

No part of the NovaSure device remains inside your body after the procedure.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: NovaSure is for premenopausal women with heavy periods due to benign causes who are finished childbearing. Pregnancy following NovaSure can be dangerous. NovaSure is not for those who have or suspect uterine cancer, have an active genital, urinary or pelvic infection, an IUD or a metal uterine implant. NovaSure is not a sterilization procedure. Rare but serious risks include but are not limited to thermal injury, perforation and infection. Temporary side effects may include cramping, nausea, vomiting, discharge and spotting.

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If you're experiencing prolonged bleeding, debilitating cramps, or other symptoms associated with heavy periods, Dr. Shimer is here to provide you with personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Call our OBGYN clinic in Dallas at (469) 364-3760 to schedule an appointment!