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PMS and PMDD Treatment in Dallas, TX

Dr. Tricia Shimer is a board-certified OBGYN with over fifteen years of experience diagnosing and treating patients experiencing symptoms of PMS and PMDD. She will take the time to fully evaluate your symptoms and answer any questions you may have. Call (469) 364-3760 to schedule an appointment at our OBGYN office in Dallas, TX today!

What Is PMS?

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a group of symptoms linked to the menstrual cycle. Though the length of time PMS occurs depends on the woman, the symptoms usually occur one to two weeks before menstruation begins. Some of the most common symptoms for PMS include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Headaches and backaches
  • Trouble with concentration
  • Anxiety and depression

It is estimated that up to 85 percent of all women show at least one of these symptoms before menstruation. However, one in twenty women can suffer with a severe form of premenstrual syndrome, which is known as PMDD.

What Is PMDD?

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, presents symptoms similar to PMS, though the effects of PMDD are severe enough to interfere with work, social activities and romantic relationships. PMDD must be officially diagnosed by a physician like Dr. Tricia Shimer, who will evaluate the patient’s condition to see if they struggle with one or multiple signs of the disorder in the week before or after their menstrual cycle, which include:

  • Erratic mood swings
  • Anger
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Tension
  • Lack of interest in usual activities

PMDD & PMS Treatment in Dallas, TX

Though the exact cause of PMDD and PMS is not known, the effects can be minimized by certain lifestyle changes, such as:

  • Exercising
  • Medications, which often include hormone-based birth controls and anti-depressants
  • Counseling

If you feel that your PMS or PMDD is impacting your daily life, consult a specialist about treatment options that may be right for you.

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Dr.Tricia Shimer is a board-certified gynecologist in Dallas, Texas. She provides treatment for women who suffer from extreme symptoms of PMS. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, consult Dr. Shimer for proper diagnosis and treatment. For more information or to schedule an appointment at our office in Dallas please call us at (469) 364-3760.

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